What's the hope & vision?

"Together trusting the real god to redeem real people"

Redeemer Church Murfreesboro started as a dream of 11 people sitting in a living room in 2013, praying and hoping to bring a church to Rutherford County that would do a couple of simple things well:

- sincerely worship the redeemer

-  faithfully build His church

- love Rutherford County and MTSU

- love people who no one else would love

 The vision of Redeemer Church Murfreesboro has not changed since being planted by the Nashville Presbytery in 2014.  


"together"  We desire to be community focused and for our church to be like a family.

"trusting"  We seek to learn to trust God for the work of ministry and His church.

"the real God"  We seek to glorify the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) as revealed in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. He is the one who we are seeking to worship, love, and serve.

"to redeem"  We long to see God transform messed up people like us and our broken world to make something beautiful.

"real people"  We long to reflect the gospel by being a place of honesty and realness. Too often, we as the church create an environment that is fake. People seem to want to 'clean up' in order to be a part of a church. This is antithetical to the good news of Jesus Christ.

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