Redeemer Children

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

The Children's Ministry of Redeemer is excited to offer ministries to encourage our children and equip parents to minister to their children

Children's Sermon during the Service
Kids are invited up to the front row each Sunday during the worship service.  A leader will share a lesson specifically for the children in order to teach and an encouragement to listen to the sermon.

Mom and Baby Room
There is a room designated for moms and babies with multiple chairs, a couch, comfortable lighting, and the service is played over the speaker into the room. This room is set aside for moms of little ones to utilize as needed during the course of the worship service.

Toddler Room
The second door on the right is set up for children (roughly walkers to age 4) who need to take a break from being in the chapel. There are toys set up and the service is played over the speaker in that room as well! At this point in the life of our church, it is not a “drop off” location but instead an area that can be used at any point so long as the child is accompanied by an adult.

**We do have 2 “on call” workers available every Sunday if there is a family who would like to utilize a drop off option. Please let us (Martha, Mitzi or Rachael Harris) know! We can make sure to have volunteers lined up and present early that morning to help!

Covenant Community Discipleship
Covenant Community Discipleship (CCD) is a class to support our covenant children and to give parents tools to have family worship throughout the week.

When we meet together, we practice some main components of at-home family worship: singing, reading scripture, practicing catechism questions, and prayer.

CCD is also an opportunity for all members of Redeemer to instruct our covenant children in the Bible and in our catechism, maintain constant and sympathetic relations with them, and encourage them to make confession of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Redeemer Children's Ministry is excited to equip parents and children to love God and to know we are deeply loved by God!  We count it a privilege to serve you!


If you are planning a visit to Redeemer and need child care in any capacity, please contact us before your visit so we can best serve you.